Taking care of our tires

You might be wondering how should we take care of our car? Tires are often the most overlooked parts of the car. Normally, we wait for our car mechanics to inform us that our car tires have worn down to almost the legal limit or we wait until the tire looks deflated before we start paying attention to it.

Immense Stress

The stresses that the tires go through in our daily commute is immense. Not only does it have to provide you with grip during acceleration or braking, it also have to keep the car pointing in the direction you want it to when the car is making a turn. Countering the centrifugal forces that is being placed on your car.

Popular beliefs

Not taking care of your car tires will lead to an increase risk of tire blowout
Tire Blowout

Contrary to popular believe, majority of tires bursting open while you’re driving along the expressway is not due to over-inflation of tires. Rather it is due to under-inflation. When your tires is below the recommended pressure, the tire’s sidewall deforms more when you are driving. This continuous flexing motion causes heat to build up in the tires. Causing it to burst open while you’re driving at high speed. Not only does it Increase the risk of losing your beloved car, serious injuries can also occur to occupants if you were to lose control of your car. Not a very smart way to start with how to take care of my car.

Further Knowledge

Tire manufacturers often put tires to extreme test, ensuring that it is able to bring us to our destination safely. However, we could extend the lifespan of our car tires just by a simple act of checking the tire pressure every month.

Please take a moment to watch the video below created by Michelin (not sponsored post). Also how do we care for our tires. Appreciate how much our tires does for us before it gives up on us. Reach out to us if you have any questions! We will be glad to help you out to the best of our ability.